About Us


4th July!

Grenfell was a wake up call, there were lots of things we felt were needed; one of those was a voice. The 4th of July is our birthday - a lovely time of the year I think -  to launch an association, so with passion, long hours a bit of sparkle, we formed the association in 15 days, yes 15 days, tough but worth it don't you think? Well, what else are you going to do all summer; hit the beach?


The BTRA is by residents, for residents

Formed by the residents for the residents..

Our association was created by the residents for the residents and we do not advocate any political parties, views or opinions. The BTRA are simply in place to protect and promote the interests of the local residents and foster local community initiatives. We work in partnership with Hounslow Council, the Metropolitan Police and other local borough community parties.



We formed the BTRA because we are residents who are passionate about the homes we live in and the people who form our community, just look at these beautiful kids; aren't they worth it? Our hope is to encourage social activities and foster engagement, as we like to inspire and support fellow residents of all ages and to promote awareness of our vibrant and friendly community.


We celebrated our one year anniversar 4th july 2018

Below are the BTRA highlights in its 1st year


Good question, what have we done in the past year? Well, quite a bit actually;


  • Bringing Careers /CommunityBus to Brentford Towers
  • Stopping the closure of all concierges Borough wide and supporting the re-instatement of the concierge  for Wicksteed and Boulton houses
  • Working in Partnership with  Hounslow Council and our Estate Police
  • Representing Brentford  Towers at Brentford Festival
  • Meet and Great at Watermans
  • Working with Howe & Co.  - Seeking to become a core participant in the Grenfell Inquiry by feeding back  on the issues of safety and security for those living in High rise      residential buildings 
  • Working in Partnership with  ENGIE for the refurbishment works to all 6 houses
  • Working with Urban Gardens  to improve the park areas
  • Raising a complaint with "People just do nothing" on behalf of the residents
  • Successfully being awarded   funding to host a Hallowe’en and Xmas event
  • Establishing Fire Assembly  Points at the entrances to each drive way
  • Working with Hounslow  Housing to ensure residents get compensation on service charges due to  loss of intercom
  • attended various training  events to enhance our skills
  • Hosted various events during   the year including quiz night
  • Supported residents and   assisted in resolving the cockroach issue at Fraser House
  • Performed Walk About with  Hounslow's Housing Director to ensure nothing was overlooked in relation to  repair and general upkeep of the estate
  • Appeared on the autumn issue   of the Hounslow Housing magazine to highlight Brentford Towers
  • Worked with Hounslow on the  installation of the Fire Doors
  • Brought the Hounslow Mayor to Brentford Towers to support events
  • Worked with Cadent to ensure  all residents with Gas were provided with compensation cheques
  • Worked in partnership with Tesco's and Morrisons who supported our events
  • Member of the police ward  panel that helps the Safer Neighbourhood Team on the work they do to help  them to address challenges
  • Having the lights repaired  along the footpath behind the houses from Green Dragon Lane School to the back of Cornish House
  • Constantly communicating  with Hounslow on issues affecting the estate and the wider area on a daily  basis to include noise late at night, dumping, nuisance callers, littering,  grass and park area maintenance, nuisance drivers

Yep, let's celebrate


laissez-nous célébrer 

să ne sărbătorim 
daeuna nahtafil 
ας γιορτάσουμε 
vamos celebrar 
leisk mums švęsti