So who are we?

We are the Brentford Towers Residents Association. The tragic events at Grenfell Towers touched us all, not just in London but all around the world, June 14th still makes me humble. It was because of Grenfell that the residents of Brentford Towers realised they had no voice to highlight the issues surrounding their homes, their immediate environment and community. So what did we do? We formed Brentford Towers Residents Association and we were born on the 4th of July 2017.

Brentford Towers itself  is a lively, diverse, multi-cultural community located in an area of natural beauty with a rich heritage dating as far  back as the Roman times and features in the Civil War of 1642 and the Battle of Trafalgar. Sitting by the Thames, the Towers also have links to the London Museum of Water and Steam due to the names of each of the Towers.

Our mission

Our association was created by the residents for the residents and we do not advocate any political parties, views or opinions. The BTRA are simply in place to protect and promote the interests of the local residents and foster local community initiatives. We work in partnership with Hounslow Council, the Metropolitan Police and other local borough community parties.

We are excited to be here, we are glad you have joined with us and we hope you enjoy the journey to a better,  brighter and even happier Community.

Chair, BTRA

Thanks for your visit

 There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. 



These Silent Heroes won't stop till the battle is won!

Not all Super Heroes wear amazing suits, fall from the sky, leap  tall buildings in tall single bound, make an earth shattering noise or have many followers, but that doesn't make them less of a hero! Some heroes save us every day, silently, until the battle is won.  Today, these Silent Heroes  need us now more than ever so keep clapping, cheering and screaming the wonderful work being done by all our Silent Heroes from the NHS, Key Workers,  countless volunteers and  all the many, many un-sung  who are selflessly risking their lives every single day; we will never be able to pay the debt we owe them. To you all we say a massive, massive THANK YOU!!!!



Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives

These are very worrying times for all of us. Now, more than ever, we as a community need to look after each other by staying at home. This WILL protect the NHS, this WILL save lives! Please follow the government and Public Health England advice on how together, we can beat this virus. Also, please follow the advice form Hounslow Council and use the resources published in its daily Coronavirus updates for help, support, volunteering and keeping safe;

If you are not a subscriber, then you can sign up to receive daily updates via the website. 


Remembering the 72

On 14th June, 2017 at around 00:54, a fire broke out on the 4th floor at a tower block in Kensington and Chelsea in west London, by 3am, the fire had fully engulfed all 24 floors taking 72 lives. Those lives included, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, mothers, fathers, uncles, parents, grandparents; even the unborn.

None of them should have died, no one has been brought to justice so far, no one has taken blame. The pain and suffering is still being felt across the community. The 72 must be remembered.

As long as we remember

As long as we remember them, they will never die, they will live forever, so remember them with the colour green. Remember them on Thursday 14th June at 12 noon for 72 seconds, hold the 24 hour vigil, keep the faith; remember!

Peace and love be with you all.

that's another 360 you've gotten me into!

Lampton Facilities Maintenance (LFM360) is now COALO, find out more

Our brentford towers


Help us create an online Exhibition!

The BTRA is partnering with the London Museum of Water & Steam to invite residents to take part in an online exhibition on the history of our iconic homes. As a resident of the Brentford Towers Community, this is your chance to have a voice on how this exhibition can be structured and showcased. Its also a great way to be a part of your community by getting together (virtually) to support this important historical project and more activities will be published as the exhibition takes shape. If you'd like to know more and take part then click the Find Out More button!

See us in person!

Come along to the next residents meeting , visit the Events page for the next date and venue or visit us  at Facebook or Twitter

Brentford Towers Residents Association

C/o Cornish House, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford, London, Middlesex TW8 0DN, GB . Email us at

Promoting Green Dragon School

There are 5 reasons why you should come to Green Dragon School;

Broad inspiring curriculum, great results,  great green space, great music and arts, energetic community. Experience the green dragon magic at Green Dragon School 


The next Resident's meeting has postponed due to the BTRA's close working with the council on themajor improvement works to alll six houses. Details on a suitable dateawill be posted here once a date has been identified.

This is my house!

What's going on in the house next door? Check out "Around the Houses" . Here  you'll find information, news, updates and more on what's happening in all six Houses at Brentford Towers 



BTRA and HOUNSLOW COUNCIL would like to invite all residents for the opening of both Concierges 

So what else is new?

As you can imagine, it has been a tad difficult to know which house is which with all that scaffolding obscuring the names so, new signage for the estate is being planned for the long term. In the interim some new signage is being put up around the estate, for more news on that just click the "Find Out More" button

Lights please!

Yes, the joy of lights  they do wonders don't they? They bring comfort and little sense of safety, especially in these dark and long nights of winter. New floodlights have appeared on top of each house casting bright light down to the ground below but, more is needed, particularly outside Green Dragon Lane School, the play area outside and along the back of Boulton House so, its nice to hear there are plans for more lights on the estate so yes, lights please. 


At times things may happen around our estate but its not always clear to know who to contact or what to do so, if you have a concern please read the following advice.

Please remember, if you see anything suspicious or see illegal activities and it is not an emergency either:

Phone 101, or;

Contact the Brentford Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) by email: to report it. 

Reporting incidents is invaluable to the local police and SNT.