the Battle of Brentford & trafalgar


Oh what a lovely war!

Brentford Towers are on land that holds a place in history of the civil war which saw the Battle of Brentford on 12th Nov 1642 between the Royalist Army and theParliamentarians; it resulted in victory for the Royalists.


The history of the Battle of Brentford features in the book written by Michael Arnold "Traitors Blood" (copyright) telling how a large royalist detachment took advantage of a thick mist and attacked two parliamentarian regiments quartered in Brentford on 12th November 1642.

Men of Brentford & Chiswick who served at Trafalgar

The men who served

Plaque dedicated to the men of Brentford and Chiswick at Trafalgar


The Trafalgar Way

How Brentford played a key part in the Trafalgar war