activities we want funding for


What's in a name?

We’re looking for funding for each of the Towers to be named in a way that reflects its history of being built on the old water-fill land and the links it has with the Museum of Steam & Water on Green Dragon Lane, as each Tower is named after a water pump or one of the engineers.  Hounslow Council are also working with us on the most suitable way of preserving the Towers so that they blend in with the environment, possibly with soft hue pastels and a modern redesign of the landscape that compliments the beautiful cherry blossom trees and bushes that line the road. 


All things chocolate!

 BTRA – Brentford Community showcase and celebrations The BTRA is passionate about its community and we feel that we should not only scream and shout about Brentford, but we should encourage fun, so, what’s the best way to do both? With an Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Egg Hunt of course! It’s the end of winter, the first signs of spring are showing so; why not celebrate with chocolate? The BTRA is looking for the first ever Easter celebration to take place in Brentford on Sunday 1st April 2018. We want to have prizes for the best bonnet and the fastest Easter egg find (adults and children) with prizes.  


Holiday Fun

What better way to support our local business men and women than a seasonal Market in December? Ok, it's dark and you’re not in the mood for being outside in the cold, but what if you were also watching the Christmas lights being switched on and enjoying a drink at the same time? We’re campaigning for a Market and to have an official Christmas lights switch on in Brentford High Street, so, if you like lights and all things cosy and warm then this one is sure to be a winner!