celebrating green dragon school

We have two nursery classes

400 primary places and wrap-around child care

400 primary places and wrap-around child care


Great music and arts, energetic community

400 primary places and wrap-around child care

400 primary places and wrap-around child care

400 primary places and wrap-around child care


Green Dragon School has excellent results - Key Stage 2

eu citizen living in the uk, read on.......



If you are an EU Citizen or a non-EU family member of an EU citizen living in the UK then you should apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.


Contact the FREE advice line open Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 16:00 pm and speak to an advisor who may be able to assist you. Get an appointment or go to one of the weekly drop-ins, get digital assistance, printing, scanning and support is available in every European language.

What's the number? 0800 0564 745

Where can I find them? CAN Mezzanine, Treaty Centre (Level 2) Hounslow, TW3 1ES

our brentford towers


London Museum of Water & Steam Project

Working with the London Museum of Water and Steam, residents are being asked to get involved online by taking part in activities. Follow the hashtag and send your pictures, stories or poem by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Its a great way to spend your time given he current 'stay home' policy due to Covid-19. When you do create your masterpiece remember to include the hashtag #OurBrentfordTowers!

Around the houses

New temporary signs on the estate

Parking spaces

It has been brought to the BTRA's attention that there is little to no parking available to residents after 8pm when the parking restriction is lifted, this has caused some residents to voice their annoyance at having to park on the street. The BTRA will be taking this matter up with Hounslow Highways and requesting that the parking restrictions be reviewed to allow residents to park their vehicle in an allocated parking bay and not having to park on the street.


We are aware that the gridles in the parking spacesare not fit for the job with some of them coming away completely and casuing risk to vehicles plunging into the holes, the BTRA will be raising this matter with the next meeting it has with Hounslow Homes scheduled for June.

Wicksteed and Boulton concierge service

The refurbishment to the concierge rooms for both Wicksteed and Boulton is still taking place in preparation for the service to re-open in these two houses. Information on when it is expected for the new concierge service to begin will be placed on the website once more is known.

In the News

Grenfell Inquiry


14th June 2018 will mark exactly one year since the fire at Grenfell Tower, a week that will no doubt be a time of reflection, poems, tears and anger. Above all, I hope it will be a time of strength for friends, family, colleagues and loved ones left behind. The Grenfell Inquiry opened on 21st May 2018 with emotional tributes to all 72 people who lost their lives.

Grenfell Inquiry so far


Read the Guardian view on the Grenfell Inquiry so far here


The picture opposite is from the Guardian taken by Henry Nicholls, Reuters. All rights belong to Henry Nicholl, Reuters.


Grenfell Inquiry - BTRA asked to participate on behalf of Brentford Towers

 The BTRA is pleased to announce that it has been asked to be a core participant in the Grenfell Inquiry. An application was submitted to the Grenfell Inquiry on 16th August and we sincerely hope that the BTRA will be able to participate as a key witness to this important historical issue that affects us all; watch this space for more information on the application.