Around the houses

Sinkhole outside Wicksteed House

The BTRA was notified to a sink hole outside Wicksteed House on Monday 21st May which was reported by one of the residents. Since then, Hounslow Council has sent down a team to inspect the hole and the area has been cordoned off for security reasons while further surveys are undertaken on the cause and with a view to a swift repair. The BTRA has contacted Hounslow Council requesting that a general surveys is carried out to all the grounds on the estate to ensure that the risk of any further sink holes are mitigated,particularly in view of the amount of traffic in the area from residents, staff, contractors and the soon to begin major capital works of improvements to all six houses.

ENGIE Regeneration Limited - meet the contractor

Engie Regeneration Limited, the successful contractor who will be carrying out the major concrete works to all the houses and the fitting of the new windows and balcony doors to apartments, held a "meet the contractor" event in Cornish House on Thursday 24th May 2018. This was an opportunity for residents to ask questions on the works and familiarise themselves with staff from Engie. If you didn't manage to attend, not to worry as Engie will be setting up a site office for the resident liaison officer within 48 Cornish House with a separate site office at Perran Walk.

Parking spaces

It has been brought to the BTRA's attention that there is little to no parking available to residents after 8pm when the parking restriction is lifted, this has caused some residents to voice their annoyance at having to park on the street. The BTRA will be taking this matter up with Hounslow Highways and requesting that the parking restrictions be reviewed to allow residents to park their vehicle in an allocated parking bay and not having to park on the street.


We are aware that the gridles in the parking spacesare not fit for the job with some of them coming away completely and casuing risk to vehicles plunging into the holes, the BTRA will be raising this matter with the next meeting it has with Hounslow Homes scheduled for June.

Intercoms for Wicksteed, Fraser and Boulton Houses

As many of you are aware, the intercoms for Wicksteed and Fraser (which have been out since last year June) and recently for Boulton have either not been working or working off and on, A meeting was held on Tuesday 8th May to discuss ptions for the new intercoms. Residents heard options for a wireless system, but thismeant having to manage callers and contacting the concierge via your mobileand was not considered to be the best way forward when considering our vulnerable residents. the new intercoms will be based on the current system of a hand device in each apartment but with a better system of control, operation and connection to a houses concierge. More information will be available when its known.

Wicksteed and Boulton concierge service

The refurbishment to the concierge rooms for both Wicksteed and Boulton is still taking place in preparation for the service to re-open in these two houses. Information on when it is expected for the new concierge service to begin will be placed on the website once more is known.

Gas disconnection consultation reminder & New Fire Door fittings to all Houses

GAS DISCONNECTION CONSULTATION - To residents in the affected Houses, if you have not already done so please ensure you send back your comments to Cadent on the proposal to disconnect the gas supply as soon as possible. Letters went out to Houses in question back in October and it is important that this consultation is closed so that the necessary steps can be taken to secure residents homes.

FIRE DOORS - The fitting of new fire doors to each individual flat shall re-commence again from Monday 8th January 2018, please ensure you have contacted the company and provided a suitable date for your new door to be fitted. Due to data protection provisions, any questions or queries about your door fitting should be via the Company and you and not to the BTRA.

Brentford Towers Residents Meeting - update

The Residents Meeting held on Thursday 26th October 2017 at Mission Hall, Mission Hall Square was well attended by residents and Hounslow Housing who provided updates on the following;

 Pest control update / progress for Fraser House Tony Bull

  • The pest control programme has now entered into stage three which has seen a marked difference in the amount of cockroaches being seen in apartments. As of Thursday 26th October reports of activity or no evidence of any cockroaches had significantly declined with minimal activity being reported. Where no access has been provided to pest control there is no report on those apartments to assess any level of activity.   

  • Cameras and Lighting   Martin Greenway, Head of Repairs & Estate Management  

The issue of cameras and lighting to car parks and areas around the estate were voiced by residents with concerns over break-ins to vehicles and anti-social behaviour. New cameras are due to be installed as a part of the Council's major programme of improvements. Details on when this will be rolled will be added here when we know more from the council on time frames for this to take place across the borough. NEWS - There will be an improved concierge service with the introduction of 2 more concierges based at Wicksteed and Boutlon Houses at no extra cost. It is expected that the same hours of cove will be provided as is current, more details to follow when we have it.

Fire Safety Works to the Block and Doors Rob Potter, Investment Planning Manager 

  • New fire doors will be rolled out in the first of a pilot of new fire door fittings starting in November. the new doors meet current fire safety standards and have additional security fittings to them. The door will be fitted as a pack, this means, the door is fitted with an architrave. Residents will be informed of those apartments that have new doors fitted so they can go and see one. Any questions or queries about the doors can be sent to the BTRA or the council direct. All new fire doors are expected to be fitted between November and January 2018. More information will be added here when we have it. NEWS - the concierge service is to be amended with additional support of concierge service based at Wicksteed and Boulton house. This will mean there will be 3 concierge offices 

 Improvement works including windows Chris Mukasa, Housing Development & Supply Manager  

The programme for new windows and new balcony doors for those who are in the 1 bedroom apartments as well as the concrete repair works were given which included;

  • A Sikka corrosion external testing has already taken place in August. Internal ferro scans surveys to understand the make-up of construction components. Letters were sent to residents requesting that access be given so this could take place. Surveys would have commenced from 23rd October and conclude on 3rd November. The Tender for windows, balcony doors and concrete repair is expected to commence, following successful contract award, for 29th January 2018.

Gas supply to Houses -Paul Perkins, Electrical and Mechanical Manager

  • At the meeting the time frames for the removal of gas supply to Maudsley and Fraser was provided and this was staged to happen between January and February 2018. Due to the gas leak at Maudsley House on Sunday 29th October, the timetable has been drastically reduced. Please follow the instructions displayed on the new Noticeboard to find out what you need to do if you used gas for cooking.

Enquiries relating to day-to-day Management Stavroulla Kokkinou, Area Housing Manager  and Vicky Howes, Housing Manager

  • The reports of a car club on the estate are unfounded. Any such programme would need approval from the council as the land owners and we have been assured there is no planning to have a car club with free parking on the estate.

Issues of anti-social behaviour should be reported to the Housing manager so that the perpetrators can be targeted and removed from the building. Regular updates on activity will lead to this being removed completely.

New fobs for Cornish is due to be made, once you receive your new fob the new fob key pad will take place approximately 2 weeks later - watch out for your fob and when it arrives carry it with you!

Lighting along the back of Maudsley, Harvey and Cornish along the footpath from Green Dragon Lane School has been reported. it is understood that the electricity cable for the lights is broken and requires fixing, The BTRA as well as residents have expressed their concerns on the safety around this area. An assessment of the area was performed following the meeting, more updates on the progress of this as we have it.

In the News

Grenfell Inquiry


14th June 2018 will mark exactly one year since the fire at Grenfell Tower, a week that will no doubt be a time of reflection, poems, tears and anger. Above all, I hope it will be a time of strength for friends, family, colleagues and loved ones left behind. The Grenfell Inquiry opened on 21st May 2018 with emotional tributes to all 72 people who lost their lives.

Grenfell Inquiry so far


Read the Guardian view on the Grenfell Inquiry so far here

The picture opposite is from the Guardian taken by Henry Nicholls, Reuters. All rights belong to Henry Nicholl, Reuters. 

Grenfell Inquiry - BTRA asked to participate on behalf of Brentford Towers

 The BTRA is pleased to announce that it has been asked to be a core participant in the Grenfell Inquiry. An application was submitted to the Grenfell Inquiry on 16th August and we sincerely hope that the BTRA will be able to participate as a key witness to this important historical issue that affects us all; watch this space for more information on the application.